Complaints Procedure

Kip McGrath Education Centres adopt the ‘Conflicts and Complaints Resolution Procedure’ of the Australian Tutoring Association.

In the first instance when a complaint is received the protocol is to ask the complainant to put the complaint in writing. We then approach the Centre or staff involved and ask them for their version of events.

As members of the Australian Tutoring Association, we will make every reasonable effort to fairly and quickly resolve any complaint made by a client.

Where an oral complaint is made the person receiving the complaint will:

  1. identify himself/herself, listen, record details and determine what the complainant wants;
  2. confirm the details received;
  3. explain the complaints resolution procedure, and advise of alternative courses of action;
  4. resolve the complaint immediately if possible or make a commitment to resolve the complaint within a given time frame; and
  5. follow up the complaint as appropriate e.g provide the complainant with feedback regarding the result of any action taken to resolve the complaint.

Where a written complaint is made we will:

  1. provide the complainant with written feedback within ten (10) days of receiving the complaint regarding the result of action taken by the Member to resolve the complaint; and
  2. if it is not possible to resolve the complaint within ten (10) days, provide written acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint within seven (7) days and specify the time frame within which the complainant will receive feedback regarding the result of action taken to resolve the complaint.

We will ensure that all Centres and staff are familiar with our complaints resolution policies.